About GetMeHealthee, LLC

GetMeHealthee is an organization dedicated to personal health awareness and education, which we believe can ultimately be a catalyst for reducing health care costs for all of us.

Our mission is to help drive awareness of:

Health Care Costs

How health care services are priced, billed, and paid for in America, and how individuals can make better decisions when seeking health care treatment.

Personal Health & Lifestyles

How individuals can lead healthier lifestyles to prevent diseases and illnesses that cost themselves and our health care system significant dollars.

Technology & Mobile Platforms

How technology and mobile innovations may impact individuals, health care delivery, and the system at large in the future.

Our educational, health-related content is intended to encourage individuals to take responsibility for their personal health decisions and help them understand our health care system better.

We also seek to work with the public and partner with other organizations who share our goals of creating innovative models that can help lower health care costs and providing solutions to the problems that plague our health care system.

Our First Project:
Retail Health Clinic Awareness

One of our goals is to raise awareness of retail health clinics in America. According to a recent Accenture study*, Americans are increasingly using retail health clinics. The report predicts that:

Continued Growth

The number of retail clinics is expected to surpass 2,800 by 2017, a 47% increase since 2014. (1)

$800 million in savings

Use of retail clinics and other walk-in medical facilities could drive an estimated $800 million in annual cost savings. (2)

25 million patient visits

The expanded use of retail clinics and other walk-in medical facilities could add the capacity for 25 million patient visits per year. (1)

We believe that the use of retail health clinics could save significant dollars for individuals and the health care system at large. We encourage you to connect with us on Facebook and Twitter to see how we’re helping to educate the public on the benefits of these health facilities.

(1) Accenture Study: "US Retail Health Clinics Expected to Surge by 2017 According to Accenture Analysis." November, 2015. and (2) Accenture Study: “Retail Clinics: From Foe to Friend?” June, 2013.

Get Involved

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